• Feb 2023
    Mar 2023
    Applications to be sumbitted before 27th of March
  • Apr 2023
    May 2023
    Shortlisting and contacting shortlisted applications
  • Jun 2023
    Jul 2023
    Formal selection by the Economic Ambition Board
  • Jul 2023
    Jun 2036
    Development of Business Case and Project Delivery

Prior to applying, all applicants must:

Developing a Consortium/Partnership

If you would like to express an interest in developing a partnership or consortium with another organisation, please do so by completing the form below


Additional supplementary guidance that must be reviewed prior to applying: 

  • Minimum Criteria
  • Growth Deal Requirements 
  • Frequently Asked Questions 







Documentation to be completed and return for applications to be considered: 

  • Application Form 
  • Appendix A - Supplementary Spreadsheet 
  • Appendix B - Initial Subsidy Control Assessment 
  • Appendix C - Joint Bid Form (if applicable)
  • Appendix D - Declaration Form
  • Additional Appendices (as stated in the application Form)