Ambition North Wales is looking for ambitious, innovative, and transformational projects to deliver jobs, growth and investment in the region. The new projects should demonstrate delivery against the Growth Deal targets and the objectives of either of the three programmes below:  

All projects must demonstrate that they meet the requirements approved by the Economic Ambition Board for the relevant programme. The full criteria can be found here

Proposals will also be considered for projects that align with our Digital Connectivity and Innovation in High Value Manufacturing programmes where projects can demonstrate significantly more impact in terms of jobs and investment than the minimum criteria set out for the other programmes. 

Projects that are unsuccessful in securing funding but score highly against the set criteria (including those that score highly on Strategic Fit and Impact but do not meet the Deliverability thresholds) may be placed on a reserve list for consideration in the future should further funding become available. 

The funding is earmarked for projects that would sit within our Land and Property, Agri-food and Tourism, and Low Carbon Energy programmes.  

However, proposals will also be considered for projects that align with our Digital Connectivity  and Innovation in High Value Manufacturing programmes. To be considered projects should demonstrate significantly more impact in terms of jobs and investment than the minimum criteria set out for the other programmes.

Any business or organisation that meet the criteria can apply for Growth Deal funding. However, the funding may not be suitable for some projects, and applicants should consider the requirements before applying.  

For more information on whether Growth Deal Funding is right for you, please view our Funding Requirements page. 

If a proposed project can demonstrate significant regional or local impact, we will consider applications that do not meet all the criteria.  

We also welcome any organisations who want to work together to develop a consortium/partnership to meet the requirements collectively and we can support and facilitate the matching together of organisations. If you are happy to consider this option, please note your preferences in the application form. We will not share any project or sponsor details without prior consent. 

Yes. Organisations that consider this option can submit their preferences on the application form. We will help identify potential collaboration opportunities to deliver the best outcomes for North Wales. However, we will not share any project or sponsor details without prior consent. 

Ambition North Wales would welcome applications from partnerships/consortiums that can demonstrate the added value and impact the collaborative approach will deliver. 

A package bid includes several linked smaller projects grouped to deliver increased value and impact across the region. Package bids would usually be led by a single organisation or a consortium/partnership with one organisation adopting the Project Sponsor role.   

There would need to be a clear rationale and strategic case for combining the different elements into a single intervention. Examples of similar projects already within the Growth Deal include the Connected Campuses project and the Tourism Talent Network project. 

Project sponsors must commit to meet our climate change targets for the project, which can be found here 

Project Sponsors will need to demonstrate their procurement approach aligns with Ambition North Wales’s procurement principles such as demonstrating ethical procurement, supporting local supply chains, delivering value benefits in North Wales.


Gross jobs are the total jobs created by the project. Net jobs are usually calculated by an economist who will consider what would have happened without the intervention in terms of natural growth, displacement etc. At the initial application stage we are asking projects to set out the gross jobs to be created. Those projects shortlisted will be asked to calculate the net jobs as part of the next stage of the project development process. 

Safeguarded jobs are existing jobs prior to the approval of the project which are forecast to be lost within 12 months if the project doesn’t go ahead. While safeguarded jobs do not count towards our job creation target agreed with Government partners, they are an important consideration in terms of the wider impact of the project. 

The Growth Deal has three main targets agreed with UK and Welsh Governments. These are to create 4,200 net new jobs, deliver £2.4 billion in net GVA and deliver £1 billion of capital investment into the region. All Growth Deal projects therefore need to contribute to meeting these targets, hence the strong focus on impact. 

There is a strong focus on deliverability as the Growth Deal is a time-bound intervention over a fifteen-year period up until 2035. Projects need to be delivered and have realised the majority of their benefits during this period.  


Applications open on the 13th of February and can be made by emailing

Before submitting your application, please consider that your project meets the minimum requirements criteria. 

Growth Deal Funding is provided by UK and Welsh Governments and is capital only. Revenue funding for the project is a matter for the Project Sponsor, as is any revenue required to develop the business case. 

Capital funding is only secured following the approval of a Full Business Case and the signing of a funding agreement. Funding is then released in arrears following the submission of a successful claim.  

As the Growth Deal is public funding, any grants provided must comply with the UK Subsidy Control regime.  

The Subsidy Control Act 2022 requires public authorities to consider the subsidy control principles and be of the view that their subsidy or scheme is consistent with those principles before giving an individual subsidy or making a subsidy scheme. 

Project Sponsors will be asked to complete an initial assessment against the UK Subsidy Control regime as part of the application process. 

Projects that are not eligible for grant funding under the regime could potentially still receive Growth Deal Funding, however this would need to be as a loan or equity investment. 

The North Wales Growth Deal is agreement between Ambition North Wales, Welsh Government and UK Government to deliver a £1bn investment in the North Wales economy. £240m of this funding has been provided equally by UK and Welsh Governments with the remaining funding to be invested by the Project Sponsors.

All Project Sponsors are required to contribute towards the borrowing costs incurred by the partnership. Borrowing costs are incurred as the grant from government is received annually over the fifteen-year period while delivery and expenditure happens in the early years of the Growth Deal. 

This will be assessed as part of the deliverability criteria. Projects with a higher degree of certainty for other funding sources will score higher against the criteria. 

Yes, other government or public sector funding sources can be included as long as this is not prevented by the terms and conditions of those funding agreements. With multiple public sector funders, consideration will need to be given as to whether the benefits must be split across the different funders. 

The Growth Deal Funding is funded by both Welsh and UK Governments through the North Wales Growth Deal. The funding is capital only and will be received over the next 10-15 years as projects receive Full Business Case approval. For more information.

The UK Shared Prosperity Fund is part of the UK Government's Levelling Up agenda and will provide £2.6 billion for local investment across the UK by March 2025. The UKSPF fund including revenue and capital for the period 1 April 2022 to 31 March 2025. This differs from the North Wales Growth Deal Funding opportunity. For more information.

Existing Projects

Existing Growth Deal projects can apply for funding where they can demonstrate that the funding will be used to deliver more than the scope of the original project. Existing projects will need to meet the same minimum requirement criteria for any additional funding sought. 


Ambition North Wales can provide advice and support through the business development process to help Project Sponsors present their best case when applying. We do not provide funding for the business case development. Project Sponsors should be prepared to commission an economist to support with the economic case/modelling. 

There is no specified number of projects to be selected. The Economic Ambition Board is seeking to identify the best package of proposals to deliver the maximum benefits to North Wales. This could be a single project or a combination of projects. 

As a result, Ambition North Wales may use a ‘portfolio approach’ to select the best package of proposals over a single project. 

A portfolio approach would see a package of smaller projects selected because their combined benefits and impact would be greater than a single project. 

This will be dependent on whether a project is withdrawn from the Growth Deal. In such instances, the same process will be followed to call for replacement projects. 

In the event of an unsuccessful application, submissions may be allocated a place on a reserve list for future consideration. This will be reviewed if another project is withdrawn from the Growth Deal. 

All information relating to your application will be stored in our secure records management systems. Your personal information will be safely destroyed after the retention period below.   

If your application is successful, your information will be kept for 7 years from the final payment of Growth Deal Funding. If your application is unsuccessful, your information will be kept for 12 months from the end of the application process.   

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