Growth Deal funding is not suitable for every project and applicants should consider the requirements set out below before applying. Specifically:



  • The Growth Deal can only provide capital funding for your project. You will need to demonstrate that: 
    • you can fund development of the business case development; 
    • the revenue funding model for the project is sustainable;
  • Funding will be provided in arrears subject to a successful claim. You will be required to provide capital match funding for your project.
  • Revenue funding cannot be counted as match because the Growth Deal’s private sector investment target is based on capital funding only.  


Business Case Development 

  • If your project is successful you will need to develop a five case business case in line with the Better Business Case guidance and the HM Treasury Green Book. The business case will need to be approved by the Economic Ambition Board in order to secure the funding.  
  • The process typically consists of three approval stages:  
    • Strategic Outline Case (SOC) – sets out the strategic context for the project and the case for change;
    • Outline Business Case (OBC) – confirming value for money and affordability; setting out the project and the management arrangements;
    • Full Business Case (FBC) – procuring the solution and planning for successful delivery;
  • You will be responsible for the costs of developing the business cases.  
  • Once the Full Business Case has been approved a funding agreement will be signed between your organisation and Ambition North Wales.


Governance and Assurance 

  • Projects are required to:
    • have an appointed Senior Responsible Owner (SRO) and a project board;
    • report monthly to the relevant Growth Deal Programme Board
    • go through Office of Governance Commerce (OGC) Gateway Reviews at key points during project development. These external assurance reviews are a key part of our assurance framework agreed with UK and Welsh Governments.
  • Business Cases will also be reviewed by: 
    • the Portfolio Management Office as part of the assurance process;
    • the Economic Ambition Board once endorsed by the relevant Programme Board and Portfolio Board;
    • during the Outline Business Case stage, there is an additional assurance approval step carried out by Welsh Government. 

Carbon Emissions and Biodiversity 

You should demonstrate how your project will meet the Ambition North Wales commitments to: 

  • create net zero carbon emissions when in operation; 
  • reduce carbon emissions by 40% during construction;
  • drive a 10% increase in biodiversity  

All Growth Deal projects aim to meet these commitments and are supported to do so by a Carbon emissions and biodiversity methodology co-developed with Arup.

Please read this summary version or request the full version by e-mailing 


Procurement and Social Value 

  • Procurement must be in line with the procurement principles adopted by Ambition North Wales. 
  • The procurement approach/specification will need to be approved as part of the Outline Business Case approval prior to commencing procurement;
  • Ambition North Wales has a Social Value Framework and will work with the successful applicant to tailor this to suit the project. All procurements must include a 15% social value weighting in the scoring.  


Monitoring, Evaluation and Benefits Realisation 

The Growth Deal is required to deliver a suite of benefits including jobs and investment over a fifteen-year period. In line with all Growth deal projects, your project will need to produce a:

  • Benefits Realisation Plan – setting out how it delivers against the portfolio benefits. A benefits delivery report will be required every six months throughout the benefits realisation stage;
  • Monitoring and Evaluation Plan - describing the assessment approach and arrangements in place;
  • Monthly project highlight reports - to track and record progress;

An independent evaluation will be conducted every 3-5 years to assess and confirm if the benefits delivered are on track against the plan.  

Templates will be available from the Portfolio Management Office. 


Branding and Marketing/ Communications

  • The successful project must comply with Ambition North Wales’ brand guidelines, including ensuring any materials is appropriately branded with the Ambition North Wales logo, as well as the UK Government and the Welsh Government logos (Ambition North Wales will provide these);
  • This branding must also be applied to all public facing documents or communication activities, including but not limited to social media graphics, blogs, media releases;
  • All press releases, features and advertorials must acknowledge the Funding awarded;
  • The successful project must display a commemorative plaque with the Ambition North Wales logo and the Welsh Government and UK Government logo in the most public place possible e.g. by an entry way. The plaque will be provided by Ambition North Wales. 


The Welsh Language

  • All information and publicity materials must be fully accessible and available to a wide and diverse audience and must follow the standards outlined in the Welsh Language Measure.  
  • The successful project must ensure to not treat the Welsh language less favourably than the English language, in accordance with the Welsh Language Measure.