Ambition North Wales published a new methodology today, to deliver their ambitious climate change and biodiversity targets.   

The North Wales Growth Deal projects will aim to address the following targets:  

  • to operate at net zero, 

  • increase biodiversity by at least 10%  

  • reduce carbon emissions caused by construction by at least 40% 


The methodology, developed in collaboration with professional service firm Arup, will help Growth Deal projects achieve these targets, ensuring that carbon emissions and biodiversity considerations are integral to all stages of project development. This will drive  important benefits for the region, such as job and training opportunities, innovationand investment in low carbon solutions.  

One of the largest sources of carbon emissions is construction, with the International Energy Agency (IEA) finding that the industry consistently contributes around 40% of total global emissions. As Growth Deal projects involve construction, the projects will need to work with the industry to find new and innovative environmental solutions. This will minimise negative impacts during their development and ensure they are fit for a low-carbon future when operational. It will also help with cost efficiencies by using materials less harmful to the environment and less likely to need replacing in future.  

The methodology is available for other organisations and businesses to use as they also prepare for a climate-affected future.  Alwen Williams, Portfolio Director of Ambition North Wales, said:  


“We want to lead the way in developing our economy in both a responsible and sustainable way. Doing things as we’ve always done, is no longer good enough. We are living in a climate crisis and need to act now to slow the impact on our planet for future generations”.  

“We are determined to be ambitious as we move towards sustainable development in all Growth Deal projects. We invite other organisations to use the methodology so that we can make an even bolder move together to reduce emissions and see biodiversity improvements.”  


Ann Cousins, Project Director at Arup, said:   


“We’ve worked closely with Ambition North Wales and engaged widely with North Wales Growth Deal sponsors and government agencies to ensure the methodology is effective in driving climate and biodiversity actions and is simple to use. This methodology fits into existing processes for developing infrastructure projects and offers local authorities and government an approach that will improve the efficiency and longevity of their investments.”