Alison Hourihane, Social Value Manager for Wynne Construction, is the first Chairperson for the new Construction Employers Cluster group. The new group, which is a part of the ‘North Wales Regional Skills Partnership’ structure, will identify skills gaps in the sector and find ways to solve these skills gaps to develop the industry’s future. 


Congratulations on your role as the first Chairperson for the Construction Employer Cluster Group. Are you excited to start and what do you hope to achieve? 

Thank you! I am looking forward to getting started and delighted to be the first Chairperson for this group. This is a fantastic opportunity for employers in North Wales, who work in the industry, to discuss challenges with skills gaps and work together to solve these issues and tackle them for the future. As an industry, we must promote opportunities for the future generation, challenging and changing the stereotypes of construction.


Today is International Women’s Day - what advice do you have for young girls and women to join the industry? 

There are so many roles within construction and opportunities to start your career or join from another industry (as I did). If you are interested in the industry, and particularly on the sustainability side, I’d encourage you to do your research, find out about new developments and trends within the industry, and find out how you can get involved.  


You won’t be disappointed working in construction – it’s exciting, evolving and every day is different!


How did you start your career in construction?

I initially started my career in the manufacturing sector, after completing a degree in Business. My first manufacturing job was working for Pilkington Glass, followed by a move into the IT sector, where I completed my CIM graduate diploma and joined the Chartered Institute of Marketing. For the past fifteen years, I’ve been working in construction, which has given me insight and knowledge of the industry, looking at project improvement initiatives such as community benefits and training. This has ensured that every project, leaves a legacy for the local community. 


What do you enjoy most about working in the Construction Industry?

I enjoy developing new projects, from the design concepts, planning social value activities and reporting on success stories as each project progresses. It is always fantastic to see the result, particularly when we build new schools.  


I also enjoy that the industry has so many work and training opportunities to start a career. Inspiring the future generation to join construction is so important as is creating opportunities for young people to start their career journey. This is key for a thriving future for the industry.


If you'd like to know more about the Regional Skills Partnership in North Wales, please follow the link below