North Wales is the place to develop low carbon energy skills – this is the clear message this week as the North Wales Regional Skills Partnership (RSP) launches a new toolkit for employers.

At a time marked with increasing environmental challenges and a global shift towards greener practices, the RSP is keen to redefine how employers and education providers collaborate to develop skills. The new toolkit focuses on low carbon energy, which includes a prospectus and a film highlighting success stories across the region to provide insight into the opportunities available in North Wales.

Universities and Colleges in the region are already known for their facilities and available courses to ensure a pipeline of skilled professionals ready to contribute to an evolving industry. The hope is that this new resource will highlight the cutting-edge training and learning opportunities available in the area, allowing workers to gain hands-on experience and develop much-needed specialist skills.

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Supporting the launch of the toolkit, Minister for the Economy Vaughan Gething said:

"North Wales not only has the physical resources to support sustainable economic opportunities but also has the workforce. Universities and colleges here are in a strong position to support the future delivery of skills for fixed offshore wind and other low carbon energy projects across a wide spectrum of required skills.

"These skills go beyond engineers. We need environmental experts, decision makers, graphic designers, and individuals with strong communication skills, to name a few. Utilising the strong collaborative skills capability in the region, North Wales has a lot to offer businesses."

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Sian Lloyd Roberts, the Regional Skills Manager for the RSP, said she was delighted to launch the new toolkit.

"I'm pleased that we can now show businesses across Wales and beyond the opportunities we have here in our region. By working together, we can address the current climate crisis and help future generations develop the skills they need to take advantage of low carbon energy projects in North Wales.

 "If you're interested in relocating your business to North Wales, or you're already based here and want to benefit from these opportunities – get in touch. We would be delighted to broker conversations between employers and training providers about skills needs and make partnerships happen to boost the region's economy and reduce carbon."

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To read or download the toolkit, follow the link: Download.aspx (

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