Last month, it was announced that the North Wales Economic Ambition Board (NWEAB) is launching a new Monthly Business Updates Channel & Newsletter in partnership with a leading Welsh independent publisher -  Business News Wales.


Alwen Williams, the Portfolio Director of the North Wales Economic Ambition Board chats about the project in more detail here:


Alwen said:

“The key ambition areas for the Ambition Board in North Wales is to invest in the North Wales economy in a way that drives growth in regional prosperity, creates better quality and more highly-paid jobs for the local labour market and generally, creating improvements in standard of living across the region.”

The £1.1bn Growth Deal invests to improve the economic, social, environmental and cultural well-being of North Wales. Which will mean creating an economy that is resilient, connected and sustainable. The investment will support in futureproofing North Wales for its current residents and future generations, with a clear focus on environmental impact and net-zero carbon emissions.


Programmes within the Growth Deal include innovative and transformational projects which will benefit the region’s businesses, young people and the wider community. The Growth Deal’s key investment priorities are Agrifood & Tourism, Digital connectivity, Innovation in High-value Manufacturing, Land & Property and Low Carbon Energy.


Successfully delivered, the Growth Deal will create up to 4,200 additional jobs and generate up to £2.5bn additional gross value added (GVA).


Alwen adds that “economic development and the prosperity of the economy has always got to be a priority.” She states that she feels that for citizens of North Wales, it is the ‘right time’ to put a focus on developing the economy in line with the Wellbeing of Future Generations Act and in a sustainable way that supports and encourages people to stay in the region.”