The Regional Transport Plan (RTP) for North Wales is the strategy to achieve an accessible, sustainable, affordable, and integrated transport system across the region.

Delivery of the plan and its priorities, once agreed, will support the economy to thrive for the long term and is crucial for improving connectivity, and enhancing the quality of life for residents and visitors alike. By prioritising investments in public transport, active travel infrastructure for cycling and walking, and developing innovative mobility solutions, the RTP aims to reduce reliance on private car use and promote more environmentally friendly travel options.

Additionally, the plan emphasises the importance of reducing the negative environmental impact of our transport network, contributing to North Wales' commitment to sustainability and climate change mitigation.

The successful delivery of the RTP and its priorities will support the regional economy, improve access to jobs and services, and create a more connected and resilient transport system for the future.

Through collaboration with local authorities, the national park authority, Transport for Wales, local businesses, and communities, the RTP will help North Wales transition to a more sustainable and integrated transport network, benefiting everyone in the region.