The climate and ecological crisis require urgent action on all levels: global to local.

At a local county level, we are creating Local Area Energy Plans (LAEPs) which will be acted on across North Wales from 2024.


Wales will be the first country in the world to have a National Energy Plan based on 22 county LAEPs.

What will the Local Area Energy Plans achieve?

Net Zero Transition

Identify the most effective route for decarbonising energy use and production, which will contribute to the national net-zero targets.

Job Creation

Delivery of the plans will attract investment and generate training and sustainable job opportunities.

Less Carbon Emissions

Decrease energy use and carbon emissions from the built environment, transport, industry and commerce.


Local Area Energy Plans will identify the best way of generating low or zero-carbon energy and heat at a county level by using a range of technologies which harness energy from the sun, wind, tides, rivers and hydrogen.

Local Area Energy Plans will also identify ways of minimising or decreasing energy use and carbon emissions as much as possible from the built environment, transport, industry, and commerce.

From 2024 the LAEPs will be actioned through projects which will attract funding and investment.

These projects will generate training and thousands of sustainable job opportunities for people across North Wales.

Using cleaner energy will also result in a healthier environment.

The Welsh Government has funded Ambition North Wales to:

  • Contract manage Arup, Affallen and Carbon Trust who will:
    • Collect and analyse data.
    • Engage with a range of organisations that have detailed knowledge and experience in energy production and distribution.
    • Produce energy scenarios
    • Help Local Authorities to lead and produce the plans.
  • Deploy an Energy Project Manager and two Energy Project Officers to manage the contract and facilitate the development of the LAEPs in the region.

The Welsh Government has funded Ambition North Wales to develop Local Area Energy Plans for Anglesey, Gwynedd, Flintshire, Denbighshire and Wrexham. Conwy’s LAEP already exists and is now in the delivery stage.

More information on Local Area Energy Plans and their development stages is here: Guidance on creating a Local Area Energy Plan - Energy Systems Catapult

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