Our vision is for North Wales to be a region where the people, and specifically their skills and abilities, are a key driver of economic development and well-being.





Our priorities are:

  • Enabling and Empowering Employers

  • Enabling and Empowering Individuals

  • How Support is Provided and Making the Connections

Our Focus

As one of the four Regional Skills Partnerships in Wales, we produce and analyse the North Wales Labour Market Intelligence. This is done by engaging with employers, skills providers and key local stakeholders to understand and resolve skills mismatches at a regional and local level. This is followed by advising the Welsh Government on skills provision based on employer-led insight.

Working with the Growth Deal

We work with project partners to scope and understand the skills requirements of Growth Deal investment. Once these are identified, we collate this information and approach our local providers and Welsh Government to lobby for changes in provision. Our work with the Growth Deal is critical to ensuring that there are suitable talent pipelines in the region in response to jobs created as outcomes of the projects.