Digital Connectivity


This programme will address connectivity challenges within North Wales. Whilst the rest of the UK has benefited from improved services in recent years, many of our communities lack strong mobile and fixed broadband connectivity. The programme will enhance our region’s capability to develop technologies for the future, ensuring that we can meet the increasing demand for digital and benefit from fast, high-quality connectivity.

This programme will introduce sustainable connectivity to the region, attract inward investment and improve the provision for more residents and businesses.


Additional GVA

Generate up to £158 million net additional GVA

Job Creation

Create up to 380 new jobs for the region

Improve Connectivity

Provide high speed connectivity at key sites and transport networks

Introduce 5G

Future proof networks and introduce 5G to the region

Investment Targets


Growth Deal


Other Public Sector


Private Sector


Total Investment

Key Members:

  • Cllr. Mark Pritchard Vice-Chair / Leader, Wrexham County Borough Council
  • Rebeccah Lowry Head of Service - Regeneration, Housing and Economy, Wrexham County Borough Council
  • Stuart Whitfield Digital Programme Manager