The Economic Ambition Board, supported by the Welsh Government, has developed a Regional Energy Strategy and a linked Action Plan for North Wales, which sets out regional routes for “powering up” clean energy production and “powering down” energy use in North Wales.

The plan will also have strong links to the Local Area Energy Plans produced by the six counties in North Wales.

What will the Regional Energy Strategy achieve?

Low Carbon Energy
  • Harnessing the abundance of local low carbon resources and to become a green powerhouse using a diverse energy mix.
  • Becoming a world-leader in offshore wind and marine technologies.
  • Becoming a net exporter of low-carbon energy through regional and cross-border cooperation.
  • Improving the energy efficiency of the region’s housing and accelerating the decarbonisation of North Wales’ building stock.
  • Achieving a shift to lower carbon transport.
  • Help the commercial and industrial sectors to maximise their opportunities with the transition to net zero energy and their economic growth

The Regional Energy Strategy

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