North Wales is well connected to other key regional economies in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

  • Easily accessed from the North West of England, within 2 hours by road or rail from Manchester.
  • Maximum 3 hours direct rail ride away from London.
  • Closely located to Ireland with regular ferry links.
  • Road network connecting the region.


Our people are skilled, resilient, results driven and loyal. We are large enough to make an impact but small and connected enough as a region to be dynamic and adapt quickly to learn new skills for the future. We have pride in our heritage, culture, language and environment and are welcoming to people and opportunities.

Our Economy




contribution to the UK economy


contribution to the value of the Welsh economy


workplace jobs


employed in high value sectors


of our GVA comes from Manufacturing

Key sectors in North Wales

The economy of the region is diverse with key sectors in manufacturing, energy, the visitor and rural economy, and the public sector.

Investment opportunities

North Wales is an excellent place to invest and grow your business.  There are many exciting opportunities across the region including our Growth Deal projects.

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