Our Structure

The Board is a joint-committee and is the decision-making body, responsible for the leadership, vision, delivery and strategic direction of the Growth Deal.

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The group provides strategic and professional advice to the North Wales Economic Ambition Board in the fields of transport, skills and employment, economic development, housing, land use planning and digital.  

The members also act as the Portfolio Board to oversee the development, co-ordination and successful delivery of the Growth Deal programmes and other projects commissioned by the North Wales Economic Ambition Board.

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Providing strategic advice and challenge to the North Wales Economic Ambition Board; the board promotes engagement, participation and investment from the private sector.

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The partnership brings together employers, skills providers and key local stakeholders to better understand and resolve skills mismatches at a regional and local level. The partnership aims to identify current and future regional skills needs, and use this intelligence to shape the provision of post-16 education and training.

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Responsible, along with key partners, for delivering the Growth Deal, and holding stewardship of the regional economic vision. The team is passionate about North Wales, and is focused on improving economic, social, and environmental wellbeing, and committed to the region’s future.

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Governance Structure