Land and Property


This programme will address land and property challenges within the region, to unlock opportunities and build on our strengths.

By addressing the challenges that face the property market in North Wales, the programme will develop sites to provide residential and employment premises. It will also maximise capacity at key transport links.


Additional GVA

Generate up to £700 million net additional GVA

Job Creation

Create up to 2,180 new jobs in the region

New Business Land

Provide up to 20,000sqm in new employment premises

Residential Developments

Deliver up to 1,000 new residential development plots

Investment Targets


Growth Deal


Other Public Sector


Private Sector


Total Investment

Key Members

  • Cllr. Jason McLellan Leader, Denbighshire County Council
  • Andrew Farrow Chief Officer (Planning, Environment and Economy), Flintshire County Council
  • David Mathews Land and Property Programme Manager