The Growth Deal is an agreement that will generate a total investment of over £1 billion for North Wales in order to generate over 4000 new jobs and increase GVA by £2.4 billion.

Signed in December 2020, the agreement secures funding of £120 million from Welsh Government and £120 million from the UK Government to invest in the Growth Deal's project portfolio.

The Government funding will be received annually over the next 15 years (by 2036) as projects receive Full Business Case approval. The private and public sector will work collaboratively to attract additional funding that will make up the £1 billion total.

By delivering the Growth Deal’s five programmes by 2036, our porftolio will: ​

  • build on our regional strengths in manufacturing and low carbon energy ​​

  • target digital innovation and infrastructure to better connect the region ​​

  • invest in key sites and premises for the developer market ​​

  • enable innovation to boost productivity ​

  • support our key industries in tourism and agriculture to develop for the future


  • To build a more vibrant, sustainable and resilient economy in North Wales.
  • To build on our strengths, to boost productivity while tackling long-term challenges and economic barriers to deliver inclusive growth.
  • To promote growth in a scalable, inclusive and sustainable way, in line with the Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015.


  • Growth in regional prosperity: improved productivity, inward investment and the creation of new jobs.
  • Better-quality jobs: through targeted interventions in high value sectors.
  • More skilled workforce: supporting skills and training initiatives and targeted interventions in high value sectors.
  • Improvements in standards of living: inclusive growth that provides opportunities, reduces poverty, inequality and deprivation.



new jobs created


net additional GVA

Investment Targets




Other Public Sector


Private Sector


Total Investment


The Growth Deal programmes will address known challenges within the region, unlock opportunities and build on our strengths. They align with our ambition for North Wales.

£240m Growth Deal Investment funded by