By: Angharad Evans
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I realised that the only person making me choose between a successful career and my family was - myself. There was no reason that I couldn’t have both. 


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Opinion piece by Graduate Project Manager, Angharad Evans


"Once I leave North Wales, I’m never coming back!”


This was my mantra. Adamant that once I left, I would never come back – why would I?

I had the mindset that North Wales had nothing to offer. Yet here I am, back home in North Wales, and I can’t imagine living or working anywhere else. But what changed?


Future Vs Family:

I always thought I had to choose between my future and my family. To have a successful career - I would have to live anywhere but here. During my three years at university in a small city in the North of England, two and a half hours away from home, this is a debate I regularly had with myself. 


The narrative we often hear during our education is: "aim high for that job in the big city", North Wales never crossed my mind as an option for the future. Not once. 


I had never considered moving back home to be an option. Surely, I couldn't use my degree in North Wales? Curiosity got the better of me, and I began searching for a job. As I scrolled through the job advertisements, I realised that “big dreams” weren’t restricted to the cities. I could have just as good opportunities in North Wales. Instead of seeing moving back home as restrictive, I could see endless possibilities for the future.


I realised that the only person making me choose between a successful career and my family was - myself. There was no reason that I couldn’t have both. 


Working at home:

Whilst all my friends were busy applying for graduate jobs in the big cities, I was ready to move back - with no plan but a passion and the drive to come home.


Safe to say that I had no idea how diverse the working landscape is in North Wales. How incorrect I was, thinking that the only opportunities would be in Agriculture, Tourism or Hospitality. Why had I not educated myself sooner?


The North Wales economy has evolved and continues to do so daily. As a Skills and Employability Graduate Project Manager with the Regional Skills Partnership (RSP), I’m lucky to witness this first-hand. As the North Wales Growth Deal projects come to life, the RSP work to scope the skills needs and gaps of the region to ensure that the provision is suitable to respond to upcoming opportunities. This work is important in making North Wales a desirable place to learn and work.


Why North Wales?


I encourage everyone to consider the benefits of staying or even returning to North Wales to live and work. North Wales offers the best of both worlds – I can live a life in the place I feel most at home, while also having access to the best training and work opportunities. I can finally appreciate North Wales in its entirety. 


Whether you're passionate about Renewable Energy, the Digital sector or any other industry, North Wales has a range of exciting high-value opportunities. Whether you're starting in your career (a Graduate like me) or an experienced leader, there is something for everyone. Who better to take on these opportunities than the people of North Wales?


"But I don't have the skills?" I hear you say. North Wales has several outstanding training opportunities to help develop those skills, whether you want to upskill, re-train or learn something new. Support through Personal Learning Accounts to Degree Apprenticeships (and everything in between!) - there are countless guidance services to help. 


The life I’ve been lucky enough to create for myself is a life that many people sought after during the pandemic - it has made me more grateful than I can describe. Who would have thought that my attitude towards North Wales, towards my home, could change so drastically? 


I can’t wait to see what the future in North Wales has to offer!



What's holding you back from returning to Wales to change careers, move house, or start a new venture? Here's your chance to take the leap - there are opportunities and support here for you! What about returning home?