Ambition North Wales and Coleg Cambria have jointly decided that the Llysfasi Net Zero Farm project will no longer be funded by the North Wales Growth Deal. Instead, the  Llysfasi Net Zero Farm project will be funded by non-Growth Deal sources, such as the Welsh Government’s Sustainable Communities for Learning fund, which closely aligns with the educational goals of the College. The project will enable the agricultural industry to benefit from a new state-of-the-art teaching and learning space at Llysfasi, which will support them as they expand low carbon farming practices within their businesses and across the farming sector. Access to existing and upcoming funding from Welsh Government will also support this vital transition to net zero.  


This is positive news. It means that the Llysfasi Net Zero Farm Project will move forward, whilst also enabling the £9.85 million previously earmarked from the Growth Deal to be re-directed towards delivering benefits in North Wales. Ambition North Wales will now begin a process of considering options for how our capital funding can be reallocated to best deliver against our regional targets for creating jobs, improving productivity and securing investment. 


Coleg Cambria remains a key partner and will continue to work to develop the economy as part of Ambition North Wales.